The New VIP System


  • Now uses MYSQLi instead of MYSQL
  • Send credit to your friends without having to ask an administrator
  • CustomTags integrated
  • Developed only for Extreme-Network

Developed by

Robin and Joram put a fair amount of hours into this project, and it's a long way from finished.

We are still open to suggestions, so if you have any, please submit them on the forums.

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VIP System


The new system features a gamlbing facility. You have a 50% chance to win or lose! When you win you get 50% of your bet (and your original money back)


CustomTags now no longer require a VIP status to work.

Now you can change your tag for free if you are a VIP, or you pay £1 as a regular member.


Robin is a member that approached us because he wanted a coding challenge. After some time considering his offer, Robin and Joram worked together on this project. Robin will not be a Developer in our community as we find it unfair to the community to let an 'outsider' get such a high position that fast.

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